Specifying all parameters to the YarnCluster constructor every time may be error prone, especially when sharing this workflow with new users. Alternatively, you can provide defaults in a configuration file, traditionally held in ~/.config/dask/yarn.yaml or /etc/dask/yarn.yaml. Note that this configuration is optional, and only changes the defaults when not specified in the constructor.


# /home/username/.config/dask/yarn.yaml
  name: dask                 # Application name
  queue: default             # Yarn queue to deploy to

  environment: /path/to/my-env.tar.gz

  tags: []                   # List of strings to tag applications

  scheduler:                 # Specifications of scheduler container
    vcores: 1
    memory: 4GiB

  worker:                   # Specifications of worker containers
    vcores: 2
    memory: 8GiB
    count: 0                 # Number of workers to start on initialization
    restarts: -1             # Allowed number of restarts, -1 for unlimited

Users can now create YarnClusters without specifying any additional information.

from dask_yarn import YarnCluster

cluster = YarnCluster()

For more information on Dask configuration see the Dask configuration documentation.