Dask-Yarn deploys Dask on YARN clusters, such as are found in traditional Hadoop installations. Dask-Yarn provides an easy interface to quickly start, scale, and stop Dask clusters natively from Python.

from dask_yarn import YarnCluster
from dask.distributed import Client

# Create a cluster where each worker has two cores and eight GiB of memory
cluster = YarnCluster(environment='environment.tar.gz',
# Scale out to ten such workers

# Connect to the cluster
client = Client(cluster)

Dask-Yarn uses Skein, a Pythonic library to create and deploy YARN applications.


Dask-Yarn is designed to only require installation on an edge node. To install, use one of the following methods:

Install with Conda:

conda install -c conda-forge dask-yarn

Install with Pip:

pip install dask-yarn

Install from Source:

Dask-Yarn is available on github and can always be installed from source.

pip install git+https://github.com/dask/dask-yarn.git